Sheet/Plate Handling Machines. We offer vacuum lifting beams for handling large sheets or plates of metal, magnet lifting beams for the handling of products varying in length, telescopic sheet lifters for the handling of sheets and plates with minimum manpower, and parallelogram sheet lifters that are ideal when space between sheet stacks is limited.

Coil Grabbers. We offer single rim coil tong/grabbers for use in the primary metals industry, double rim coil tong/grabbers that are designed to handle light gauge or highly finished coils when in the eye vertical position, and C-hooks for handling coils in the eye horizontal position. These C-hooks are available in a wide range of capacities, coil sizes, and design styles. Caldwell also offers telescoping coil grabbers that allow for the handling of a wide range of coil sizes with minimum manpower and parallelogram coil lifters that are used when aisle space between coils is limited.

Ingot/Slab Handling Machines. We offer ingot/slab tongs for use in the primary metals industry, motorized ingot/slab swivel grabbers for the handling of a wide range of ingots, and ingot/slab handling grabbers for handling ingots in the horizontal position.

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