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Dynarope Tensionmeter - TorqHoist

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Title: Dynarope Tensionmeter


The Dynarope Tensionmeter has been designed for measuring effort in pretensioned wire ropes. Suitable for aerial, pylons and masts, supports and catenaries that cannot be dismantled. The Dynarope Tensionmeter attaches directly onto the tensioned wire rope and is simply held in position by turning a handle. The cable tensionmeter device comprises a load cell with strain gauges and a display driven by a microprocessor. Display of the effort measured by the load cell takes account of parameters such as the diameter, composition and structure of the wire rope. Factory calibrated for wire rope diameters from 3/16" to 1-3/4" and up to 40 ton capacity

For use on single or multi-strand wire ropes as well as Kevlar and textile ropes over 25 ft
Accuracy= 2.5% using factory calibrations, 1% using custom calibration settings
Stores up to 200 custom calibrations settings
Stores up to 200 readings which can be downloaded to PC
Kit includes one of each of the following
---Load cell with crank
---Electronic Monitor
---Connecting Lead
---Battery Charger
---RS232 Lead
---Instructions and Protective Cases

Stock No. Specification Cost Action
042066010 . $11571
042066210S . $14515
042067310 . $23669

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